ACELL — New Age Treatment For Hair Restoration

ACELL — New Age Treatment For Hair Restoration

Undergoing hair transplant surgery is a great way to restore your hair. However, both donor harvesting procedures produce at least some kind of scarring and a limited donor hair supply makes it impossible to restore a full head of thick hair. However, ACell MatriStem shows promise to minimize both concerns. But what is ACell and how does it work?

What is ACell?

ACell MatriStem is an extracellular matrix produces from pig urinary bladder. ACell has been known to assist with wound healing and maximizing hair transplant growth yield. It can even assist with producing better quality follicles.


ACell MatriStem contains the following composition:

• Collagen types: I, II, III, IV, V, VI, VII

• Structural proteins

• Growth Factors

• Proteoglycans

• Glycoproteins

• VEGF, BMP4, PDGF-BB, KGF, TGFbeta1, IGF, bFGF, EGF, TGFalpha

• Anti-Infective Peptides

• Laminin, Elastin, Fibronectin

• Porcine defensin pBD-1

• 18 AMP’s have been identified in porcine tissue

The above combination is considered safe and can help with producing even higher quality hair transplant results.

How ACell Works With Hair Duplication Treatment

Hair duplication is a technique where hair is plucked from the donor area (typically the sides and back of the scalp), dipped into an ACell solution and implanted into tiny recipient incisions made by the hair transplant surgeon.


If the hair is plucked properly and applied with ACell, it has the potential to enhance the body’s innate regenerative potential. This will lead to the rebuilding of new follicles, dermal papilla, and sebaceous gland. This sounds impressive however, this procedure is still in an experimental stage and hasn’t been shown to produce 100% growth yield.


ACell can be used during hair transplant surgery to assist with wound healing and hair growth potential. It can also be used during the experimental hair duplication procedure in producing new hair follicles. It has a long history with aiding in wound healing and it’s regenerative in nature. ACell however, is not a standalone hair loss treatment and is still being studied in order to completely acknowledge the role of this treatment and how it will play a role in hair restoration surgery.


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