Can Alcohol Damage A Hair Transplant

Weekend warriors all over the globe gather around local pubs, bars, and restaurants for happy hour all around the world. Like the saying goes “it’s 5 o clock somewhere”, but what if these social gatherings which include various alcoholic beverages could negatively impact a hair transplant procedure? Well, in this article we will be discussing just that, so keep reading.

Truthfully, yes drinking excessively can prolong the surgical recovery period. Alcohol consumption can cause blood thinning. This can lead to excessive bleeding while recovering from the surgical procedure. A prolonged recovery period can lead to infections. If the infection is severe, the growth and yield of the procedure could be jeopardized.


Most hair transplant surgeons will ask their patients to avoid drinking alcohol for two weeks prior to the hair transplant procedure. Two weeks is enough time for the body to process any alcohol and enough time for the blood to return to normal. Drinking alcohol within the two week period can jeopardize the entire procedure because the hair transplant surgeon would not continue with the surgery if the patient is bleeding excessively.

Patients are advised to abstain from alcoholic beverages for at least two weeks after surgery. The transplanted hair follicles are anchoring into the scalp in the first week. Most hair restoration doctors advise their patients to return to their normal routine after they have shed all of their transplanted grafts. For most patients, this is around three to four weeks after surgery. At that time, patients may consume alcoholic beverages but should limit their alcohol consumption and not go overboard.

The first seven days after a hair transplant are crucial for the success of the procedure. This is what some refer to as the “make or break” period. Hair grafts are vulnerable in the first week because they are not anchored into the scalp yet. This means the hair grafts are at higher risk of becoming dislodged and ultimately lost if the patient is not careful.


Undergoing a hair restoration procedure doesn’t mean the fun has to stop, but there should be some minor restrictions in terms of alcohol consumption. For the first week the body needs to rest and heal, so visiting local pubs, bars or clubs should be out of the question for the first week. At about two weeks normal activities can be resumed, but alcohol consumption should be kept at a minimum until the grafts have fully healed.

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